Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps. Explained.

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About Atomic Swaps

Scripting languages date back from thousands of years ago. Mathematic formulae are an example of scripting language.
Bitcoin scripts use a specialized scripting language to write secure smart contracts and complex transactions.

Prepare your own Bitcoin Address
A Smart Contract is initiated by computing a Bitcoin P2SH address. P2SH stands for Pay-to-Script-Hash, meaning the Contract Script is hashed into a unique address that will serve as a vault for the funds sent to it.
Spend from the P2SH Address
To spend the funds previously sent to the Smart Contract P2SH address, you will need to provide the original redeem Script as well as one or more private keys required by the Script.
A Script may enforce time conditions that must be met to unlock the funds held at the P2SH address. If you want to spend from the P2SH address of such Script, you may have to wait until the time lock expires.

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I have developped this website to help you perform cross-chain atomic swaps using Bitcoin scripts. If you want to suggest a blockchain be added to this demo portfolio, please let me know.

Pierre Noizat
Script Writer & Coder